Insulation Repair & Installation Services

Animals and insects have an innate instinct to survive and to preserve the health of their colony. Typically, this includes securing a place that has just the right conditions for them to build and grow their nest. While most pests do not care to anywhere near humans, if your home provides them the conditions they need to maintain their survival – they will move right in!

Luckily, there are some preventative measure that you can implement which will ensure that your home is not providing the conditions that pests find inviting. The team at A-One Pest Control can provide you expert assistance with determining which preventative option will work best for your needs, and will then professionally install and implement each solution you choose.

Some of the options you can choose from for prevention of pest infestation are:

Vapor Barriers:

Vapor barrier are designed to control the level of moisture in the air by preventing condensation and water vapor from making it into the air. The area under your home sits on a cement foundation, which sits directly on the soil. All soil naturally has some amount of water it in and therefore, the space under your home can contain excessive amounts of moisture. Vapor barriers, or vapor diffusion retarders, as they are more commonly known can be materials like plastic sheeting that is installed to contain the moisture and keep it in the soil, rather than in the air.

Belly Wraps:

In a manufactured home, the space between the earth that the foundation sits on and the flooring of the home is called the “belly”. In order to maintain heating and cooling efforts, and to limit the amount of moisture, it is imperative that the belly of the home be wrapped airtight with a polyurethane material. There are instances where the belly wrap requires repairs because areas in the wrap where gas and water lines pass through have not been properly closed off and provide an entry point for pests.

Vent Screens: 

Due to the high levels of water that are naturally occurring in the soil under your house, your crawl spaces are particularly at risk for high moisture. To help combat this, the foundation of your home has ventilation cutouts that allow moisture and heat to escape. These openings are perfect for keeping the ideal environment under your home, however, if they are not properly covered they are also the perfect entry point for rodents and other pests.

Dry Rot Repair:

Leaving areas in your home that are at-risk for high levels of moisture without any preventative measures can eventually lead to dry rot. When excessive amounts of moisture are allowed to escape into the air the plaster, insulation, and plywood of your home will naturally absorb this moisture, and will soon begin to grow fungus. When the fungus starts to decay, it will leave the integrity of the host material weakened and the result is dry rot. These conditions are not only damaging to the structure of your home, they are also the perfect conditions for termites to begin nesting, which can cause significantly more damage.


Disinfect, Sanitize, and Virucide (DSV):

High levels of moisture in your home can cause all sorts of damage to the structure of your house. However, it can also lead to some very dangerous conditions that could have negative effects on your health and the health of your family. High levels of moisture encourage the growth of mold and mildew, and when spores are inhaled, they can cause serious respiratory issues. The team at A-One Pest Control provides a treatment series that will disinfect, sanitize, and virucide the affected area to eliminate fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

Being able to sit in your home and feel safe and protected is a huge priority for all families. Sadly, a pest infestation can drastically impact that feeling of security and instead make you feel completely violated. The experts at A-One Pest Control have been providing outstanding pest treatment, prevention, and cleaning for more than 30 years. You can count on us to get your home back to the sanctuary that you once felt!