Bed Bug Removal & Control in Eugene

All bed bugs fall into the category of parasites because they all feed exclusively on blood from their hosts. Unfortunately, the most common type of bed bug prefers to only feed on human blood. While bed bugs are not technically classified as nocturnal, they do have nocturnal habits in that they are highly active at night time. This is probably due to the fact that during the day they try and stay hidden, while at night time their preferred food source is dormant and sleeping and easily preyed upon.

While it is rare for bed bug bites to be harmful to humans, a single adult bed bug can carry up to 26 dangerous pathogens that can transferred to the human they are feeding on.

In their ideal living conditions, where food is reliably available and the temperature stays around 85 degrees, an adult female bed bug will lay at least one egg per day but, can lay up to five.

Bed bugs are very skilled at hiding. They stay burrowed down in the seams and stitching of your mattress and box spring where you won’t see them at first glance. If you spread the seams of your mattress apart, you might see them crawling.

An adult bed bug is brownish in color, flat as a piece of paper, and less than ¼” in length. After they feed, bed bugs will appear reddish in color and their shape will be more round and bloated – similar to a tick but, much smaller.

Most homeowners are not inspired to go looking through the seams of their mattress for anything until they, or a member of their household, starts waking up with red, itchy welts. These welts are the result of bed bug bites and will typically be in a linear pattern anywhere on the body.

Some of the signs that indicate you could have a bed bug infestation in your home include:

  • You or your family members wake up with red and itchy welts
  • You see an adult bed bug crawling
  • When examining your mattress and the seams or stitching of the mattress you notice blood lines or blood drops
  • When examining your box spring and the seams of your mattress you see bed bug feces, which looks black pepper

By the time you are inspired to look for the signs, your bed bug infestation could be fairly advanced. These pests are extremely good at staying hidden and multiply rapidly. It is important that you contact the highly-trained team at A-One Pest Control immediately following any suspicion of a bed bug infestation. The sooner a member of expert team of exterminators can assess your infestation and begin treatment, the more effective that treatment will be.

Because bed bug infestations are such a challenge to get under control and eradicate, we typically recommend a series of treatments. The initial application of professional grade product will be quite aggressive and is meant to get ahead of the infestation. The subsequent applications will be scheduled several times over the next few months to ensure that the entire population of bed bugs have been exterminated. It only takes two bed bugs to begin the infestation all over again, so making sure that all of them are gone is essential to a long-lasting solution.