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Trusting that the pest control company you are working with has the tools and the equipment to address your infestation thoroughly, can take some of the stress out of the situation.

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If given the choice, most species of pests would prefer to be as far from humans as possible. However, there is an innate determination to survive and to keep the colony alive and that means living anywhere that conditions are suitable.

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Sump Pump
If left unchecked, moisture inside of the crawlspaces and basement of your home can have a significant and expensive impact on the structure and safety of your home. Things like termites, dry rot, mold, and mildew thrive in excessively moist conditions.

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A-One Exterminators: Eugene Pest Control

Regardless of the type of pest infestation you are experiencing you should always contact a professional pest control company for help. Some pests are non-threatening and just pose a source of irritation for you, your family, or coworkers. While others can create hazardous conditions that are not safe to live or work in. The team at A-One Pest Control in Eugene has the years of experience and cutting edge training to expertly address any infestation that you are faced with, regardless of the culprit. We are committed to helping our customers reinstate and preserve the pest-free and clean environment that they feel safe living and working in.

With over 30 years of experience, as a licensed, bonded, and insured pest control company can guarantee only the best quality products and services. We believe in keeping our world green and in doing so we use products that are natural and not poisonous to humans or their animals For your peace of mind, we offer a free pest inspection. We are a complaint-free company. We specialize in pest control in Eugene Oregon, Brookings Oregon, Medford Oregon, Grants Pass Oregon, Klamath Falls Oregon as well as both the Northern California and Southern Oregon Coast. We are a member of the Oregon Pest Control Association, National Pest Control Association and Better Business Bureau. CCB # 128399.

Monthly Service Plans
If there are unwanted pests in your Eugene home

A-One Exterminators has been the one that most home owners call, regardless of what kind of pest you have. We are experts at everything from spiders and wasps, to rodents like mice and rats all the way to termites and carpenter ants. While some pests are simply annoying, many can create problems for you and your family and others can create extensive damage to your home and furniture, so it is important to rely on the professionals who know how to handle every different kind of pest and advise you on how to keep your home pest free in the future.

At A-One Exterminators our team of local & licensed pest control specialists are here for all of your removal & extermination needs. Call us today for fast, professional & affordable service.

Local Pest Control Service
For over 30 years, Eugene has trusted the pest control experts at A-One Exterminators

A-One Exterminators have been the first and foremost exterminator that home owners in Eugene rely on for all their pest control needs for many years. This is because we believe in doing an exceptional job, getting it right the first time and creating a pest free home for all of our important customers. When you call A-One Exterminators of Eugene, we offer an initial free pest inspection so that you can know what pests you may have before the work gets started. When you think you may have pests, call the friendly and knowledgeable pest control experts at A-One Exterminators of Eugene!

Why choose us

for your pest control services in Eugene?

At A-One Pest Control we are proud of our reputation for providing Eugene affordable and exceptional pest control services. We conduct our business with integrity and treat all of our customers with honesty and respect. Not only do we treat the symptoms of your pest infestation, we also locate and address the source of the problem. Our customers trust that working with A-One Pest Control means receiving lasting solutions for their infestation. In fact, our highly-respected Pest Control Program is a favorite amongst customers because they receive a customized plan for scheduled prevention treatments.

Trust the professionals at A-One Pest Control to protect your home or business from all types of infestations. Our expert technicians have the training and the tools to restore the sanitary, safe, and pest-free environment that you expect!